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Scroll sawing is a time treasured passion. Scroll saw patterns and scroll saw plans date back about 140 years or more. At the time they were more commonly referred to as fretwork pattern or plans. Without them, scroll sawing the project of your dreams may be hard or almost impossible. It takes hundreds of hours to develop intricate scroll saw and fretwork plans with multiple levels and to combine them to create a reflection of the past or a look into the future. Wildwood Designs has taken on that challenge and created the largest and the most intricate scroll saw plan and scroll saw pattern collection in the world.

Many fretwork plans come from the original designs of HL Wild, these designs have been changed to reflect the modern day appliances we have, like battery operated clock movements, lighting and new dial designs and specifications. Other scroll saw plans and patterns are original works from artists of our era like Jim Reidle and Cindy Stewart who have created hundreds of intricate scroll saw plans and scroll saw patterns. Each of our scroll saw plans are drawn and built in our own workshops. The plans are tweaked and tested to make sure that you can build them. Our new scroll saw plans are drawn on the computer for precision. Scroll Saw plans and patterns are available as a hard copy paper plan and are now becoming available in limited quantities as a downloadable version. Not all our fretwork patterns are currently available for electronic download.

Choose from a large selection of scroll saw plans and scroll saw patterns for the beginning scroll sawyer to the master. Our silhouettes, mini clock patterns, jewelry box plans, shelf patterns, photo frame plans and intarsia plans can easily be built by the beginning scroll sawyer and novice woodworker. Advanced scroll saw plans and patterns will require a fair amount of scroll sawing and woodworking skills. You can learn as you go! You will be amazed at how your scroll sawing skills will progress as you try more intricate scroll saw plans and patterns.

Scroll saw plans and patterns are available to commemorate all sorts of occasions and holidays. You can choose to make scroll saw projects that are of interest to you or a loved one or to simply make money from your hobby of scroll sawing. For those who love challenges and a hint of European flair, there are plenty of scroll saw clock plans and scroll saw furniture patterns to keep you busy for quite some time. Wildwood Designs offers woodworking tools, scroll saw blades, scroll saw accessories, clock parts, wood, plywood and more to compliment the scroll saw plans that you have purchased.

Take your next scroll saw plan or scroll saw pattern and make it extraordinary!

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Scroll Saw Plans and scroll saw patterns with a patriotism theme. Scroll Saw plans for military designs, flags, veterans and events.
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