Scroll Saw Patterns

Scroll Saw Patterns have been available for hundreds of years. Some of our patterns date back to the late 1800's and the time of HL Wild. Things have changed quite a bit from the hand drawn scroll saw patterns of yesterday. Today, we draw all our patterns using a computer program and are able to print them to an engineering plotter for precise replication.

Each scroll saw pattern is drawn and printed full size. Simply, take a copy and apply it to your scroll saw wood with spray adhesive and start cutting. Our Scroll Saw artists at Wildwood Designs recommend cutting the exterior of the piece to dimension first in most cases. That way, you can fit the pieces together in a large scroll saw project before you spend all the time scroll sawing. Once your joints are good and you've done a dry fit of the wood, go ahead and drill the holes for each position you need to scroll saw. Slide your scroll saw blade though the hole and cut on the line. It's that simple. It's fun! And its even calming.


Clock Parts

A lot of scroll saw patterns entail making a clock. We have you covered with clock movements, clock faces, hands and other clock parts to make your scroll saw project perfect! Our clock movements are made to order for you. Select the length of clock hands and second hands, pick the length of the pendulum rod and size of the pendulum bob, add a battery and you are off and running. You can even choose from several different chiming or non chiming clocks works. Wildwood Designs has tons of other clock parts too! Use a clock insert, weather instrument or sand timer to make things special.

Scroll Saw Blades

You'll find our scroll saw blade selection to be one of the largest! Choose from several different sizes, styles and brands. Keep it simple with a single skip tooth blade or saw with determination with a precision milled scroll saw blade! We have blades in plain end and pin end for your scroll saws. You can choose from several different brands of scroll saw blades including Olson, Galaxy, Pegas, Eberle, Shark and Artisan. Within each brand are several different styles of scroll saw blades. Try a single skip tooth blade for basic cutting, a reverese skip tooth to keep the bottom of your work from tearing out or even a crown tooth blade to cut some bone or plastic. There are also many other styles like Precision ground and precision milled. You can also choose from a regular blade or a spiral scroll saw blade. The possibilities are endless no matter what you are cutting or how you are using your scroll saw. Smaller blades work great for marquetry, metal blades will cut fair amount of metal for a project or just to fix something. The larger blades are great for compound cutting, cutting thicker woods and fast cutting. Don't forget their universal uses. A favorite with the kids is cutting designs out of rice crispy treats with the scroll saw.

Scroll Saw Wood

Cutting out scroll saw patterns is definitely not limited to just scroll saw wood. There are tons of other resources that can be incorporated into your scroll saw project. If you're looking for wood though, Wildwood Designs is a leader in scroll saw wood! Cherry, walnut, red oak, mahogany, poplar, purple heart, bloodwood, yellow heart and basswood are all available in thicknesses from 1/8" and widths up to 12". We also have a large selection of veneer plywood and marine grade finnish birch plywood. All the wood that we carry we have used in our own projects and strive to get you the best lumber available.